Wowser (どんどんドメルとロン Don-Don Domeru/Domel to Ron?) is an anime based on the Belgian cartoon comic strip Cubitus. It consisted of 52 two-part episodes the running time of 20 minutes in total, and it originally aired from 5 April 1988 to 27 March 1989. Edit

Wowser is a big white dog who lives with his owner, the Professor. In each episode, Wowser's appetite and the Professor's inventions, along with the interference of their wacky neighbors, results in chaos.

Pillow Talk Edit

While looking for a new pillow for Wowser, the Professor creates a "Pillow Suit" for him. In that moment, Linda comes in and they decide to use her to test out the suit. Everything seems normal until the suit suddenly malfunctions and begins to overinflate, getting Wowser and the Professor squashed between the walls and the massively inflated suit. Wowser then pulls out a knitting pin to pop the suit.

Video Edit

Wowser - Suit Inflation only Linda Version 1

Wowser - Suit Inflation only Linda Version 1