Tondre Burin is a magical girl manga series that ran from August 1994 to September 1995 in the magazine Ciao, and an anime adaptation that ran from September 1994 to August 1995. The series features the adventures of Karin Kokubu, a schoolgirl who can transform into the pig-shaped superheroine Tondre Burin, the Pig Girl of Love and Courage, after coming across the alien pig prince Tonrariano the 3rd. Wanting to collect 108 pearls in order to return to normal, she learns that if anyone finds out her secret identity, she will be stuck in pig form forever. 

An English-language version of the show, titled Super Pig, was made by Saban Entertainment.

Identity Crisis (Episode 42)Edit

After Keiko is revealed as the Burin imposter, Burin notices and pulls a cord on Keiko's outfit, which unexpectedly inflates and floats in mid-air briefly before the air is expelled, causing them to whiz around uncontrollably.