Tiny Toon Adventures (also known as Tiny Toons) is an American animated comedy television series that was broadcasting from September 14, 1990 through October 31, 1994 as the first collaborative effort of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation after being conceived in the late 1980s by Tom Ruegger. The show follows the adventures of a group of young cartoon characters who attend Acme Looniversity to become the next generation of characters from the Looney Tunes series. The sequel of the show is Animaniacs.

The pilot episode, "The Looney Beginning," aired as a prime-time special on CBS on September 14, 1990, while the series itself was featured in first-run syndication for the first two seasons. The final season was aired on Fox Kids. The series ended production in 1992 in favor of Animaniacs; however, two specials were produced in 1994.

Lifeguard Lunacy Edit

2-066-Clamity Coyote Water Inflation

Calamity Coyote's pool cleaning suit inadvertently filling with water.

All the Tiny Toons are hanging out at the pool. Calamity Coyote has a new job as a junior lifeguard, under the supervision of Arnold the Pit Bull, who both physically and verbally abuses him.

Classic suit inflation

Classic suit inflation

The entirety of Calamity's suit inflation.

Arnold orders Calamity to refill the pool. Calamity tries to do so, but Elmyra notices him and tries to help by giving him more water. Unfortunately, she gives him too much water and he and the hose flies all over the pool. They crash through the pool equipment shack, where Calamity is put in a pool cleaning suit, somehow. When he crashes into Arnold, who is being wooed by some babes, Arnold ties him in the hose and tosses him towards a brick wall. The hose gets caught in Calamity's suit. Elmyra turns up the water pressure, resulting in Calamity's sit inflating with water to the size of the pool itself. Arnold insults Calamity and pushes the Pressure Release button, which bursts the water out of the side of the suit and refills the pool, sending Calamity towards the snack bar. 

Return of Batduck Edit

After a ridiculous attempt to establish his own show, Plucky wants to be in the newest Warner Bros. blockbuster movie of Batman. He goes with Hamton to the studio to talk with Tim Burton. With difficulty they make it to his office. Tim Burton is not willing to give Plucky a screen test, but Plucky manages to convince him. Plucky and Hamton ready themselves with their Batduck and Decoy costumes and props. His screen test is a disaster, but he gets his part. At the studio, Plucky realises he's being used as a stunt duck and quits to resume his previous show.

When Plucky unveils his Batduck costume Hamton operates a machine to prepare it. He activates the 'Pump-A-Duck' function and inflates fake muscle tone in Plucky's suit. The machine them proceeds to overinflate the costume, causing it to float up toward the stalactite covered ceiling and pop.