That's So Raven is a live-action television series produced by the Disney Channel. The series follows a teenage girl, Raven, who posseses procognition, allowing her to see into the future, which both helps and hinders the daily situations she and her friends and family find themselves in.

S3E29: Food For Thought Edit

In an attempt to dissuade her schoolmates from accepting the Food Court and eating unhealthy food, Raven wears a tracksuit that Chelsea fills with air, inflating her to represent what would happen if they carry on eating junk food. However, the air tank handle snaps, causing the air to continue going into the suit and make her to float up and then bounce around as deflates when the tank pipe falls from her clothes.

S3E34: Vision Impossible In this clip show episode, Raven's crash in 'Food for Thought' is reshown.