'Superboy' is an American comic book series by DC Comics, the first volume of which was published between 1949 to 1977, across the Silver Age of comics, with two-hundred-and-thirty issues and one annual. The inital volume starred the Superboy aka Clark Kent, a teenaged Superman, looking into his adventures in his rural hometown of Smallville, including encounters with a young Lex Luthor and the introduction of his clone Bizarro. Later volumes would focus on Superman's clone Con-El who takes up the Superboy identity.

Superboy Volume 1 #24: TheSuper-Fat Boy of Steel!Edit

The teenagers of Smallville mysteriously wind up fat, with Clark and his alter ego following later than the rest, which provides Lana Lang with evidence that he and Superboy are one and the same. After the mystery is solved and he manages to slim himself down, he later inflates a 'balloon-like rubber shell' over his Superboy costume to convince Lana that he's still fat, and thus not the now-thin Clark she saw seconds ago.