'Squadron Supreme' is a twelve-issue comic book miniseries published by Marvel between 1985-1986, starring a team of superheroes, the titular Squadron Supreme, whose members are based on DC Comics' own heroes, such as Nighthawk standing in for Batman. The series is set in a parallel universe to the main Marvel universe Earth 616. One of Nighthawk's former foes, the rotund Pinball, has the ability to inflate himself via a cord in his suit, taking five seconds to fully inflate into a large ball that he would use in combat or to defend himself when the situation called for it.

Captain America #314 Edit

In a crossover with Captain America, Pinball's first use of his suit's feature is displayed here, only to prove it's more of a liability even when trying to attack, and ends up deflating painfully when colliding with the Cap's shield.

Squadron Supreme #11 Edit

Pinball is seen training with his fellow Redeemer teammates.

Squadron Supreme #12 Edit

Pinball inflates to defend himself in a battle with the Squadron, only for Blue Falcon to use him as a cushion to land, which kills him as his spine snaps.