'Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams' is a 2002 American spy comedy, and the second movie in the Spy Kids movie franchise. The movies feature Juni and Carmen Cortez, a young brother and sister duo who learn that their parents were retired spies, and become spies themselves. In 'The Island of Lost Dreams', they are tasked with recovering a device capable of shutting off all electroic devices, and come across a mysterious island inhabited by a scientist and his genetically-modified animals, with their rivals Gary and Gerti Giggles in pursuit. Juni and Carmen's underwater ship crashes, they use their inflate-a-suits to help escape. Their suits overinflate to the point that by the time they reach the surface, they become large spheres bobbing in the ocean, rendering them immobile. After some time, the island is revealed to them, and a two-headed sea monster appears, biting into their suits and releasing the air kept inside, propelling them to the island's shore, completely deflated.

Later on, Gary and Gerti find themselves in similar circumstances as their ship crashes and their inflate-a-suits expand much like with the Cortez'. They are only stuck in this situation for a short time, as the sea monster appears and flings them to the island, causing them to bounce along before deflating.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The inflate-a-suit sequences were handled by encasing the actors in the suits and using small props of themselves for when they are meant to rise from the water. Shots of this are featured in the DVD behind the scenes features, 'Total Access 24/7 - 'A Day in the Life of Spy Kids and 'Behind the Scene Montages - Inflate-A-Suits'.