'Powerless' is an American action-comedy television series that aired on NBC from February to April 2017. Set in the DC Universe, the show looks at Emily Locke, the new Director of Research and Development at Wayne Security in Charm City, which designs a variety of products to provide safety to ordinary people when in the midst of superhero and supervillain fights. The series was cancelled after one season.

S1E1: Wayne or Lose It Edit

Ron, The Head of Engineering, shows off a Lexcorp product he is trying to reverse engineer so he can make a cheap knock-off - the Wearbag. The suit is designed to keep its wearer safe from bodily harm (projectiles, falling debris, direct blows) by expanding. However, it turns out that it only works once.
Powerless - The Wearbag00:35

Powerless - The Wearbag

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