'Lupin III' (also written as Lupin The Third or Lupin the 3rd) is a long-running Japanese anime/manga franchise that started in 1967 as a manga, with several anime TV series, films and yearly TV specials. Inspired by the French gentleman thief character Arsene Lupin, the franchise stars his descendant, Lupin III, following the family tradition alongside his companions Jigen, Geomon and his love interest and fellow thief Fujiko, with the determined Inspector Zenigata not too far behind.

The Castle of Cagliostro Edit

Lupin and Jigen disguise themselves to get past the border into the country Cagliostro, with Jigen wearing a mask and inflating his shirt to give the impression he's an older overweight man.

Legend of the Gold of Babylon Edit

In the third film, Lupin disguises himself as Fujiko in a full-body suit, but once the suit is stabbed, it rapidly swells up until it explodes, ruining his cover.

Fujiko Inflation

Fujiko Inflation