James Bond Jr is an animated series serving as a spin-off to the James Bond franchise, running from September 30th 1991 to March 2nd 1992, lasting 65 episodes.The show follows the adventures of James Bond's nephew, James Bond Jr, and his friends while attending Warfield Academy, facing off against the lies of terrorist organisation SCUM and villains form the films. Due to being aimed at a younger demographic, it is considerably lighter in tone compared to the more adult books and films.

E21: A Race Against DisasterEdit

E43: Going For The GoldEdit

Goldie Finger steals IQ's experimental Hyper Helium, and demonstrates its effects on Barbella, causing her outfit to balloon and float before shortly being deflated. They then use it on James Bond Jr to get rid of him, though he is able to deflate before he could go too high in the sky.