'Inspector Gadget' is an American cartoon produced by DiC Entertainment in 1983 and lasted for two seasons, ending in 1986. Inspector Gadget, a bumbling cyborg police inspector, continually foils the plans of Dr Claw, the leader of the criminal organisation MAD, unaware that his young niece Penny and intelligent dog Brain are actually responsible for stopping Claw's plans.

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Pilot/S1E1: Winter Olympics Edit

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S1E64: School for Pickpockets Edit

Brain stops a disguised MAD agent by filling her angel outfit with helium, only to be deflated by Gadget.

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Video GamesEdit

Inspector Gadget and the Circus of FearEdit

In the Comodor 64 version of the game, the Gadget coat is among the equipment Gadge must recover, and uses it to float to safety after falling off a tightrope.

Inspector Gadget (SNES)Edit

In the ending, Gadget uses his coat as he catches a falling Penny.

Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror! Edit

Inspector Gadget: Mad Robots InvasionEdit

In the New York City and Paris levels, the coat is used in two segments where Gadget floats up.

Inspector Gadget (2009)Edit

Inspector Gadget's MAD DashEdit