'Game Shakers' is a Nickelodeon sitcom created by Dan Schneider, premiering on 12th September 2015. Two seventh graders, Babe and Kenzie, become millionaires after creating a hit video game, and so decide to start a gaming company Game Shakers, with rapper Double G as their business partner, and his son Triple G as their gaming consultant.

S1E15: Shark Explosion Edit

Kenzie adopts her baggy poof suit while on the Triple G's family yacht in case of an emergency. When the button on it is pressed, it suddenly fills up with air, giving her a comically rotund appearance, much to her annoyance and to the delight of everyone else, who make fun of her. She insists on being deflated, as she can't do it herself, and gets tied up to a kite before being released. By the end of the episode, she remains inflated.

Game Shakers Fish Fight Nickelodeon UK-102:37

Game Shakers Fish Fight Nickelodeon UK-1

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