Inflatable duck suit00:12

Inflatable duck suit

Watch Crayon Shin Chan Movie 2 Buriburi Oukoku no Hihou Genres: comedy, ecchi, slice of life Plot Summary: A band of criminals want to get the treasure of the famous Treasure Island, but the key of the treasure chamber is guarded by a little kid. Then, they come to Japan and kidnap Shinosuke Nohara by mistake, who looks exactly like the little kid who has the key.

The Duck Suit is activated by pulling a pin on the collar, causing the suit to instantly start inflating outwards, bloating in a spherical shape (as was the case when a one-piece blue dress was worn over it) before it will rip any clothing worn over it clean off. The individual duck sections begin to bloat out, before the tail finally finishes it all off. The suit keeps the wearer's arms outstretched.

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