Aeon Flux is an avant-garde science-fiction animated series that aired between 1991-1995 on MTV, created by Peter Chung. Set in a dystopian futuristic world, the show revolves around the conflict between Aeon, an agent from the nation Monica, and Trevor Goodman, the leader of the country Bregna, with their relationship ranging from lovers to enemies. There is little continuity between most episodes, such as the death of Aeon on multiple occasions.

S02E06 - Reraizure Edit

Aeon goes up to an aerial platform where she is told by Rory all the narghiles (creatures whose bodies produce memory-wiping pills) collected will be blasted into the sun. Finding it empty, she is confronted by Trevor, who mistakes her for Rory's former lover Muriel and attaches a tube to both of them, letting the air in their suits pass from one to the other. Aeon reveals herself to Trevor and attacks him, though he manages a quick getaway thanks to expelling the excess air in his suit.