Adventure Time is an animated TV series on Cartoon Network made by Pendleton Ward and Channel Frederator. It tells the adventures of Finn the Human and his friend Jake the Dog in the magical land of Ooo as they try to become heroes of renown. Over the course of the series, other characters have made their appearence in the series: the Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, BMO, Lady Raincorn, Flame Princess, etc.

Ocean of Fear (S1Ep16) Edit

In this episode, Finn discovers he's afraid of water and Jake tries to help him overcome this fear. At one point, Finn and Jake are on a submarine wearing scuba suits. The submarine gets a hole and water rushes inside and a terrified Finn pulls the cord on his suit, inflating it and knocking Jake unconscious as he floats back to the surface. Later, he knocks himself unconscious to sink to the bottom of the ocean, where Jake lies. Jake wakes up and, as he holds Finn, inflates his suit so they can return to the surface.

The Duke (S1Ep19) Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Finn throws away a potion that's shaped like a boomerang, causing it to fly back into the window of Princess Bubblegum's room. The potion makes her skin green and she also becomes bald as she peeks out to yell at a fleeing Duke of Nuts, as she believes he was the one who threw the potion. When Finn and Jake run into Princess Bubblegum's room, they find her wearing a rubbery suit full of milk that would cure her from her state after a few days passed.