'ALF: The Animated Series' is a cartoon spin-off of the live-action sitcom ALF, and ran for twenty-six episodes across two seaons. A prequel to the main show, the series shows the life of the titular alien Alf, his real name Gordon Shumway on his home planet Melmac as a teenager. 

S1E1: The Phantom PilotEdit

During Larson Petty's initial invasion, one Melmac pilot's ship is torn apart, leading him to use his jacket's parachute feature to float to safety.

With his attack thwarted and ship destoryed by Rhonda, disguised as the Phantom Pilot, Larson Petty and his crew use suits with the same function. Gordon tags along as Rhonda/the Pilot's copolit when a second attack is launched, only to accidentally eject her from the ship.